Sophie Pinney

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    • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
    • Certificate in Education (Learning & Skills Sector)
    • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

    How I can help you

    Hello, I'm Sophie and I'm here to help you get in a happier headspace. I can help you discover what might be causing you distress and how to move forward.

    Most therapist profiles will say similar things. We are all interested in helping you get better.

    The best way to choose who to talk to is simply finding a therapist you like the look and sound of, and if you have specific needs in a certain area it might be useful to chose a therapist who specialises in that subject.

    I can help you by looking at obstacles that might be holding you back such as negative thinking, self sabotage, unresolved issues, patterns of behaviour and general stresses and strains. 

    What to expect

    The aim of any counselling is to give you the opportunity to explore whats causing you upset and to give you a neutral place to talk about your feelings without fear of judgement or being told what to do. 

    I might challenge your patterns of relating or thought processes and offer strategies to think or behave differently to bring about positive change. Counselling isn't all about what you can change in your life but also about accepting things that might have happened that can't be changed and learning to live with this in a more harmonious and positive way.

    It may be obvious that there is no quick fix cure to feeling better - its a process which has lots of elements and takes time. If you were wishing to get fit you know you'd need to do the right kind of exercise regularly enough before you see results - A mental workout is no different - to use new thinking styles - to feel and act differently, we need to practice and persevere.

    About me

    I have been a therapist for over 10 years in private practice as well as offering online and telephone sessions. 

    In my career I have worked with individuals, couples, and schools providing child and adolescent counselling. 

    I am a qualified Teacher in Counselling & Psychotherapy and run 1 day workshops in personal development.

    I continually participate in CPD events and keep up to date with latest research and tools to enhance the work I do.

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