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    I have experience of working within Employment Assistance Programs (EAP’s), Insurance work for Civil Procedures, Voluntary Sectors, Primary & Tertiary Care NHS Settings, and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), as well as independent Private Practice. Issues worked with within these settings have included:
    * Work Related Stress.
    * Bereavement/Grief/Loss/Change.
    * Report writing for Civil Procedures, and Child Protection Conferencing.
    Peri-natal mental health issues, such as OCD, depression, anxiety, and attachment

    * Long Term Condition Management (pain, CFS/ME).
    * Mild – Severe Common Mental Health presentations, 
    such as:
            - OCD
            - depression, 
    suicidality & self-harm
            - anxiety & panic
            - phobias
            - eating distress/weight management
            - low self-esteem
            - T
    rauma (PTSD) following RTA’s, work accidents, assaults, and/or abuse
            - Insomnia
            - ADHD & Asperger's (Behavioural issues) 

    In addition to using telephone or video link, home visits can be arranged dependant upon personal circumstances; although I also have access to consulting rooms available within South Tyneside, with full disabled access availability
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