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    There are countless reasons why people seek counselling. These can range from a general feeling of things not being right, to an inability to cope with distressing symptoms of anxiety or depression. People seeking help may be unsure of what it is that is troubling them or feel overwhelmed by a specific issue such as a sudden loss or traumatic experience.

    Counselling aims to help you have a greater understanding of why you feel, think and behave in the way you do and so allow you to have greater choices in how you live your life.

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    What to expect

    Welcome. Whether you're just having a browse, have been pointed in my direction or you are searching for who is out there that can help, it's great to have you pop by.

    I am a qualified, experienced counsellor offering private and confidential counselling to individuals and groups from the beautiful Hibiscus Coast area of Auckland. Online counselling offers quite incredible opportunities, where you can truly find and access the best person for you, even if they are on a different continent. 

    Providing a private, confidential and comfortable space purely for and about you.

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    About me

    I am originally from the UK where I was a Teacher and Policeman.

    I emigrated with my family to New Zealand a fair few years ago now. When i'm not counselling you will find me trail running, kayaking or mountain biking. 

    My qualifications included a BSc (Hons), PG Diploma in Education with Distinction (Counselling), Master of Education with First Class Honours (Counselling). I have attended lots of specialist training in different ways of counselling, and the areas of Trauma, Adolescence, Anger and Sports Counselling.

    Full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, and fully registered teacher with New Zealand Teachers Council.

    I am quite passionate about counselling choice and my online presence contributes to people being able to find the best fit for them at the best time.

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