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    Hello ,

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile page .

    I hope it can support you to understand more about what Counselling is all about, and show you where you can get some more information if you need to, for either yourself or someone you know. 

    As life becomes more hectic and demanding, you can lose sight of what is really important to you, what you need to be happy with your life, work, and relationships, and how you can keep the balance between them all. Trying to find a balance may have left you feeling confused, anxious and unable to clearly see what you want, or would like to do next, this can be a really scary place to be, you may not be used to feeling like this, you’re not even sure how you got here, and how you can start to feel more in control.

    You may be struggling with the relationships in your life , instead of being clear about what you need you aren’t  sure any more  , you thought you knew what  worked for you  but you may now be feeling  confused ,  you’re not sure where this feeling has come from , but you know you don’t like feeling this way , and it doesn’t feel like you

    It could be your experiencing feeling down or depressed, you may be thinking that you would rather just be alone, and let the world and those around you get on with life by just leaving you alone until your feeling stronger to deal with how you feel, and know what you want to do next .

    You might feel you are working to live , not living to work and you’re unsure of how this happened , where did your life go ? The job you do ,what others think of you , and what other people tell you to do , have all  become the most important things to you, without even realising it ,you have lost sight of who you are and what you want and it just doesn't feel right .

    It may be you don’t recognise any of the above examples you just don’t feel like yourself at the moment, and you don’t like feeling how you do .Talking through what you are experiencing with me, can help you to start to unpick how you are feeling, and sometimes be able to discover how you got to feeling that way, so you can decide what you need for you to get back to feeling like yourself again.

    I can work with you by video call or face to face at  the Tower Clinic in Leeds if you prefer .To make sure you choose the therapy that best suits what you need please contact me  We can arrange to talk through any questions you have ,and I can let you know more about how I work so you can decide if working with me will work for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Take Care

     Please note :For us to work together  you need to be 18 years and over and resident in the UK. 

    What to expect

    If you haven’t worked with a Counsellor before , it can be a tough decision to make the first step and get in touch .You may not be sure what to expect , and aren’t really sure if  Counselling is  right for you .

    To make sure you make the right decision for you ,  please contact me ,we can  arrange to talk through any questions you have  ,and I can tell you more about how I work  so you can decide if working with me will work for you.

    Our work together will offer you a safe and confidential space to talk through what’s on your mind , so you can rediscover what works for you ,and  understand what you need to do to start and bring the balance back .

    As a Counsellor I don’t offer you solutions or give you tasks to complete because I believe you have the answers you need, and you are the best , and only expert in yourself .

    I work using  sessions of 50 mins each and most people work with me for 8-10 sessions , this is just a guide for you to understand how long you may expect to work with me for .  We will review how you feel the sessions are going  , what you are getting from them, and what you feel you have left to work through as we start to work together .

    About me

    I understand that thinking of working with a Counsellor can feel like a huge step into the unknown ,  it may feel really uncomfortable  at a time when you already are feeling unsure and just not yourself .

    I am not here to judge or have an opinion on anything you share with me , and I never assume I know how you are feeling . What I do is offer you the space and time to think , talk  through how you are feeling  ,  and what you are experiencing at the moment, so you can work through how you may want to deal with what is on your mind,  in your way when you are ready.

    As we work together you can begin to start hearing yourself again , and  work towards understanding what works for you , in your life,  your work and your relationships .

    I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – MBACP .If you want to find out more about the BACP and what Counselling is all about take a look at their website:BACP

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