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    How I can help you

    I provide counselling for women who want to feel better. You want to know how to escape from anxiety attacks; the depths of depression; a society that doesn't understand or offer you many choices. You could be experiencing the impacts of trauma, feeling stuck in a loop after a bad break up, or just wanting to change a negative pattern. 

    Unveiled Stories Online Counselling can help you travel away from pain, frustration and helplessness towards greater understanding, empowerment and happiness. Narrative therapy isn't a 'quick fix': being properly listened to, listening to yourself, and over time rediscovering YOU via your own unknown 'pockets of awesome' is a skill for life. Our stories when explored and rediscovered in all their richness, can make us stronger forever.

    What to expect

    'You are not the problem, the problem is the problem' is the core idea behind narrative therapy. So let's find out what the problem is- really explore, define, understand and acknowledge the pain you are in. That's what a counsellor does: listen with absolute curiosity about YOU and what's affecting you. Once we understand and name the problem narrative, we have a much better chance of discovering your skills to then plan how to get you out from under the heaviness of overwhelm and unhappiness. I don't have any intention of inviting anyone to relive trauma: you should begin to feel like you have a better sense of yourself, a heightened awareness of your own skills, and a new optimism about moving forward in your life- if that's not too much of a stretch. Get in touch to ask questions or for a FREE 15 minute consult to see if i'm a good fit for you. 

    About me

    My mission as a counsellor is to empower those who have been neglected, silenced, or ignored. Unveiled Stories was created to connect with those who aren’t getting the help they need, and to serve them fiercely.

    If you'd like to know more about me, my approach, training, and have more of a sense of stuff- like that I've lived all over Australia and overseas (I sooo get feeling isolated!)- and how I arrived here to be offering you help then please read more on the about me page on my website. 

    I am not a robot. And neither are you (hopefully), so if counselling feels too much for you at this stage, the please sign up to get my free blog in your email inbox, and join me in learning how to live a brave, messy and truly human life. 

    Healing is possible...

    Nothing is too small or too large to bring to counselling.

    There isn't anything that can't be supported by either talking or writing about it with a professional counsellor: you and I can co-create the right intervention around your situation, your life, and your hopes for yourself.

    The way we tell our stories has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. I can help you discover sides of your stories you may not have even been aware of.

    Where you resisted when you thought you were helpless.

    Where you were strong when you thought you were weak.

    When you took care of others when you thought you were selfish.

    I can help you regain and enrich a sense of self that you though you had lost. I get to know the REAL you and help you move towards the life you want for yourself. Heal and recover from even the most painful experiences.

    Does this sound like you? Do you think I could help you? 

    CONTACT ME either here on PlusGuidance or through my website for a FREE consultation to decide if i'm the counsellor for you. 

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