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    Do you feel your relationship is unraveling and feel disconnected to your partner. Perhaps you have stopped talking openly with each other and feel misunderstood, unheard and lonely.  If you are no longer feeling like you on the same team or wanting the same things, the gap between you may have grown and you are left wondering 'is this it? are we compatible?'  You may even have sought comfort outside of the relationship to help bridge the gap. 

    Perhaps you have noticed your physical relationship has changed, no longer getting the affection or attention you need to feel loved or noticing a deterioration or complete avoidance of sexual intimacy. This might be because of specific sexual difficulties that you or your partner are struggling with or it may be because you are no longer feeling the love between you as resentment starts to build.  

    Of course, you may not currently be in a relationship and may struggle with maintaining relationships, fearful of patterns repeating or have sexual difficulties that have created insecurities or fears around dating.  If any of the above resonates with you, then therapy could really help transform your relationship or views of yourself and have a long lasting effect.

    What to expect

    Therapy helps you to make sense of the difficulties you are experiencing and what other influences are playing a part.  I don't simply provide a sympathetic listening ear but help you to understand the wider context, gain different perspectives and look at exploring strategies for change.  I work collaboratively with clients whilst offering appropriate guidance where required. 

    Where sex therapy is concerned, structured treatment programmes are offered that involve specific exercises and techniques that help you to reach your goals whilst reducing anxiety.  

    The best thing in relationship counselling and sex therapy is that you as the client(s) ends up with your own toolkit, strategies that will survive long past therapy, and if problems were to resurface at a later date, you will know what to do to avoid issues escalating.  I'll be honest, therapy isn't an easy ride - it can be challenging at times, but sometimes it is these very moments that you learn the most about yourself and your relationship and the greatest insight and progress is made.

    About me

    As someone who has had therapy myself,  I really understand what it feels like to talk about your personal life to a complete stranger but speaking to someone neutral, who is not emotionally involved can really help to put your situation into perspective. Such input can be vital in ensuring you break the negative pattern you might be in, however entrenched that might feel when you first consider therapy. As a qualified relationship/family counsellor and psychosexual therapist. I offer therapy through a range of mediums (online, webcam, telephone, email and face to face) whilst maintaining best practice and ethical guidelines as endorsed by the BACP and COSRT.   

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